Sissy Maid Training with Mistress Alyssa

Sissy Maid Fantasies

Have you ever fantasized about being a sissy maid for a dominant Mistress? Maybe you’ve even dressed up as a sissy maid and cleaned your own home. Dressing as a sissy maid – or any kind of sissy for that matter – gets your mind into a certain head space, doesn’t it?

sissy maid phone sex

Dressing up as a sissy maid and having sissy phone sex with Mistress Alyssa

When you put on that sissy maid costume, all at once you can feel yourself becoming more feminine and more submissive. Repugnant household chores like cleaning the toilet are a delight, just because your Sissy Mistress told you to do it. You walk around the house, tottering in your high heels and fishnet stockings, with your short little skirt and frilly petticoat, mincing from one job to another, fantasizing your Mistress is giving you directions.

Sissy Maid Phone Sex

Now imagine doing all that for real with a sissy phone sex Mistress like myself. I’m well versed in having sissy maids doing my bidding. I’ve had several in real life. I could not only help you with your chores by teasing and taunting you – and of course there’s always the threat of a sissy spanking if you don’t do them properly! But I could also help you with the proper attire, makeup, manicure/pedicure, and wigs. In short, I’m your one-stop-shopping phone Mistress when it comes to being a sissy maid.

If you’ve never had sissy phone sex with me, you’re in for such a treat! You’ll be surprised at how feminine and girly you feel, because I understand your need to be feminized. You can of course, enhance this feeling by having as many feminine things around you as possible. I do understand, however, that in some cases you may not be able to actually feminize yourself.  And that’s OK. We can just talk about a fantasy where you could dress up and I could be your Sissy Mistress.

Even if I’m not around, please feel free to speak to my friends, all of whom are sissy experts. You’ll be glad you did 🙂

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