Sissy Assignments with Mistress Alyssa

Alyssa can give you sissy assignments on a phone sex call

Making you do sissy assignments is one of my favorite things to do on a sissy phone sex call! First of all I’ll need to know what sissy assignments you’ve done for other Mistresses. Then of course we can discuss which ones you liked the best, and which ones really turned you on. Listening to you and your own sissy experiences is what makes a good sissy phone sex Mistress.

sissy assignments

Call Ms Alyssa for a sissy assignment

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Sissy slut phone sex for the little faggot in you

Making you my sissy slut

How would you like to be my sissy slut? I could have so much fun with you! I would make you the little bimbo ho you know you’d want to be.

sissy slut bimbo

Mistress Alyssa will make you be the sissy slut bimbo ho you know you want to be.

First of all I’d shave your face, your pubic region, your chest, your legs, and under your arms. We have to be nice and smooth for those gentleman callers, don’t we? And then I’d put a long blonde wig on you, and garish makeup with bright blue eye shadow, and bright red lipstick and fingernails. The finishing touches would be a little slinky black dress, fishnet stockings, and some slutty high heels.

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Sissy Salon Phone Sex with Ms Alyssa

Let’s play sissy salon on a phone sex call!

You probably grew up with girls, didn’t you? Most sissies do. And if you grew up with girls, I’m betting you saw them play “beauty shop” quite often. Did they style each others hair? Put on make-up? Maybe they even made you part of the fantasy, where they played sissy salon with you. If so, I’m sure you loved it!

sissy salon phone sex

Wouldn’t you love to play sissy salon with Ms Alyssa?

We can play sissy salon on a phone sex call if you like. In our beauty-shop fantasy, I’ll take you to a favorite day salon of mine. I’ll introduce you to all of the stylists as “one of the girls.” Would you like them to give you the full treatment?

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Sissy Maid Training with Mistress Alyssa

Sissy Maid Fantasies

Have you ever fantasized about being a sissy maid for a dominant Mistress? Maybe you’ve even dressed up as a sissy maid and cleaned your own home. Dressing as a sissy maid – or any kind of sissy for that matter – gets your mind into a certain head space, doesn’t it?

sissy maid phone sex

Dressing up as a sissy maid and having sissy phone sex with Mistress Alyssa

When you put on that sissy maid costume, all at once you can feel yourself becoming more feminine and more submissive. Repugnant household chores like cleaning the toilet are a delight, just because your Sissy Mistress told you to do it. You walk around the house, tottering in your high heels and fishnet stockings, with your short little skirt and frilly petticoat, mincing from one job to another, fantasizing your Mistress is giving you directions.

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